Membership Packages

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30 Day Experience TrialOne per member

6 Week Intro - Refer a Friend TrialOne per member

90 Day Accelerator 1 and 30 Day Payment Plan

90 Day Lifestyle Accelerator Up Front, Weekly or Monthly Payment TrialOne per member

Card add

Hybrid Training One per member

Online Intro Offer (97) TrialOne per member

PAYG x16 Sessions

PAYG x24 Sessions

PAYG x8 Sessions

Personal Training

RF Online Coaching

The Complete Membership One per member

24 sessions per month, train 5-6 times per week with a mix of SGPT and Group Classes

The Fundamentals Membership One per member

8 sessions per month, your 2 sessions per week can be used for both SGPT and Group Sessions

The Lifestyle Membership

16 sessions per month, including 12 SGPT and 4 optional Group Sessions