Kevin Rooney

I started my Rocky fitness journey just over 6 months ago now. I originally heard about Rocky fitness through my sister who joined about 2 years ago. She always talked highly about her experience in the gym and the coaches involved.

She really transformed her lifestyle and we all seen the benefits which was a huge inspiration. Personally for me after 2 years in lockdown plus working from home whilst not eating especially healthy and enjoying drinks at the weekend I got into a bit of a rut and defo noticed I put on weight as well as feeling tired most of the time.

I wanted a change in my lifestyle habits so my sister recommended to come along with her to the classes. I was a bit nervous at the start because I hadn't exercised in a so long and to go into fitness classes seemed a bit daunting but the coaches were so welcoming and helpful from the start and even the other members were super friendly.

I've loved joining Rocky fitness and I have defo seen a transformation in myself even though some weeks it can be tough. I found personally after my holiday I was out of my routine and was pushing off going but Rob reached out and said the best thing was to show up which was so try and back flying again... sometimes literally from the gym bar. On that note I just have to give a big shout out in general to the coaches for all their knowledge and advice over the past few months that have really helped on my fitness journey.

Plus have to shout out to the other members for such a friendly and fun environment defo has a big family feel.

Rachael Johnston

I joined Rocky Fitness in January 2022 on a recommendation from my best friend. She invited me over for a cup of tea, but instead told me we were going to the gym as she had booked me in for a trial session! I quickly learned why she had talked non stop about Rocky Fitness as it was an incredibly welcoming and supportive environment from day one. 

I was not in a great place prior to joining RF in 2021. Lockdown had set in some really bad eating habits and my stress levels were quite high due to work and a bad sleep pattern. My mindset was in a negative space and I had noticed the weight slowly going up and up but lacked motivation at the time to tackle it. 

I had a huge goal in mind for my upcoming wedding this October, which was to look and feel healthier. I don't think I realised how much of a transformation I would go through. I found that its more than just lifting heavy weights, but an entire lifestyle change that has helped me make progress I have made so far. I started attending 3 sessions a week, keeping record of my weights and being mindful of my eating.

All of that teamed with the most supportive bestie anyone could ask for, has helped me get to where I am today. The scale has let me know I've lost 6kg to date, but I have gained the knowledge and confidence to keep going further and pushing myself to stay fit in many ways. I can wholeheartedly say I'm not only happier with how I look physically, but I am sleeping better, my mind is in a better place, I'm working hard on my relationships and am genuinely happier overall.  When I visit the gym in the evening it feels like I'm in my comfort zone. I'm supported daily by the coaches, who are always there with advice and guidance when I need it most, and have been amazing throughout my journey so far.

Thank you so much to each coach ❤️