When?    SEPTEMBER 19TH- 22ND 2024

 3 nights 

Where?  Marbella Fitness Camps , Finca Naundrup, C, Don Jose Orbaneja, 10 , 2964649 Calahonda, Malaga, Spain

Have you ever came back from a sun holiday only to need another one straight after? Sometimes we intend to go away to relax only to find ourselves burnt out from the nightlife, poor nutrition and inactivity! 

Our Lifestyle Retreat promises to do the exact opposite! We guarantee that after 3 nights of good company, food and exercise that you will come home with more clarity, energy and positivity to bring back into your daily life! 

Whats Included?

→3 nights at Marbella Fitness camp. 
→Transfers too and from the airport.
→Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner ( First meal on arrival is lunch & last meal on check out is breakfast) 
→Training up to 3 times a day with a variety of styled classes including : Morning Yoga , Functional Training , Boxing & Zumba . (It is not obligatory that you attend all the sessions but it is recommended)
→Accommodation is normally 2 persons sharing. There is very limited spaces on single rooms which comes at an extra cost.

In October 23 we held our first fitness camp in Fince Naundrup. We can honestly say it was such an incredible trip and one we hope to do for many years with Rocky Fitness.

"The staff at Marbella Fitness Camp are extremely welcoming and friendly. It was like being in a home away from home. This place is something we want everyone to experience.  It's something you won't regret."

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